Scot Davidson is Standing Up For Lake Simcoe

Published on December 02, 2019

Lake Simcoe is the jewel of our community—and it must be protected.

That’s why MP Scot Davidson has been fighting to get the Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund restored. At the end of the previous Parliament, Scot Davidson introduced Private Member's Motion 247 calling on the Government to re-instate the Fund.

More recently, he and the other Lake Simcoe-area MPs called on the Prime Minister to follow-through on his commitment to restore the Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund in his government’s first budget.

The Clean-Up Fund was brought in by the previous Conservative government, and was immensely successful in supporting over 200 projects that revitalized the lake, reduced phosphorous, and restored fish and wildlife. However, the Trudeau Liberals cancelled it in 2017.

Scot Davidson and Canada’s Conservatives will keep working hard to ensure Lake Simcoe is protected.