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Conservative Shadow Minister for Red Tape Reduction, Scot Davidson, and Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-food, John Barlow, released the following statement in response to proposed CFIA Regulations Amending the Health of Animals Regulations surrounding Identification and Traceability:

“Once again, Trudeau’s Liberal government are showing their disdain for our Agriculture sector by implementing unnecessary red tape that will hurt our already struggling agricultural societies, fairs and exhibitions.

“Liberal gatekeepers are now coming after Canada’s small-town fairs, agricultural societies, and 4-H shows. These beloved events are the highlight of the summer and autumn seasons for many people and a significant economic driver in rural communities. It is outrageous that the Liberal government is trying to cancel these fairs by forcing more red tape on hard-working volunteers, especially during a Canada-wide volunteer shortage.

“Agricultural exhibitions and fairs not only entertain families and provide local revenue, but they educate Canadians on farming, food production and animal care. They often barely have enough staff to run their shows and most of the people involved are volunteers. Not only does this attack hurt local economies and threaten the future of not-for-profits, but it will limit opportunities to educate Canadians and people from around the world about Canada’s world-class and innovative agriculture sector.

“Our world-class farmers and ranchers are dedicated to being socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable. They already set the bar high to ensure a safe food supply and protect it from diseases. This is just another example of Trudeau’s Ottawa-knows best approach that will add major costs without any benefit to our already very high safety standards.

“We believe in the strength and prosperity of our safe and responsible agriculture and agri-food industries in Canada. Common sense Conservatives will remove the government gatekeepers and burdensome regulations so our famers and producers can do what they do best to proudly feed Canada and the world.”

York-Simcoe residents are invited to a FREE BBQ to Celebrate Canada Day, Saturday, July 1, 2023 from 11:00am to 1:30pm.

Bring your family and friends for free burgers, drinks, ice cream, and giveaways -- as well as fantastic live music from The Connors Brothers.

This great event is taking place at the ROC complex in Georgina, beside the Georgina Pioneer Village. There are dedicated parking lots available - see the below map.

Let's celebrate 156 years of the greatest country in the world, together!

Today, Bill C-280, the Financial Protection for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Farmers Act, passed at Second Reading in the House of Commons. This bill will ensure that produce farmers have priority access to an insolvent buyer’s assets related to the sale of fresh produce.

“This is a great day for fresh fruit and vegetable growers right across the country,” said Scot Davidson, Member of Parliament for York-Simcoe, “we are one step closer to ensuring that Canada’s produce farmers are always paid for the fresh food they grow.”

Bill C-280 has been endorsed by the Canadian Produce Marketing Association, the Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, the Holland Marsh Growers, and numerous national, regional, and industry-specific agricultural organizations who have all called for financial protection measures to address the unique challenges faced by the produce sector.

“With the limited deemed trust established by Bill C-280, we can strengthen Canada’s food security and ensure producers are more resilient to supply chain disruptions and other impacts. We can also ensure that nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables are more affordable and accessible for Canadians, and that our produce growers are more competitive in the global market,” Davidson said.

The bill was passed unanimously with the support of Members of Parliament from all parties. It will now be studied by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food.

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